Reform system operation

Improvement Planning Assessment

Resources are put into operation and day-to-day business response to failures, operational improvement activities tends to be iron. While I feel a challenge to system operation, such cases do not step forward to concrete activities. With the assistance planning improvement assessment of NRI is to clarify the weaknesses / strengths by evaluating diagnosis the current status of system operation on behalf of the customer, and action plans measures to improve concrete for the problem-solving.

Standardized Operational Processes

System by a wide variety of industries and business characteristics of the system, tends to be a wide variety of operational requirements for the operation site. By answering to individual requirements, operation becomes more complex. Personnel are no longer know what you are doing, leading to the chaos in management and human errors. Standardized operational processes, in order to escape the elimination of special operations, you must include the operational requirements from system design phase. NRI, based on the "Do's and Don'ts on system operation" help you develop your operational processes in a broad sense.

Integration of Automation

Reform in system operation, you can expect the most effective, such as quality improvement and cost reduction is the automation by system management tools. Routine operations and procedures should be automated. NRI, presents system management tool called "Senju Family", based on our operation know-how in data center. "Senju Family" is comprised of three products from product; Service Desk, System Operation, Integrated Management.

Human Resource Development

Judgment errors, communication errors, operational errors, failure caused by personnel, these are important themes of system operation. However, as the bloated scale operation, due to increase or replace personnel replacement and release, can also occur higher education load issues.
NRI offers education and training system called "Dojo IT operations", which provides skill set and procedures necessary for IT operation personnel.

Education and Training Portal

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