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Introduction of ITSMS Manufacturer
  1. Supports to obtain ISO20000
  2. Supports top management (CIO) and planning of ITSMS annul schedule
  3. Reviews the development/operation departments of the system affiliated company and the separation of official responsibilities
Introduction of ITSMS Management service
  1. Improves system operation quality by constructing management system by ITSMS
  2. Supports to plan annual schedule, to develop personnel, and to acquire ISO20000
  3. Implements the training and development for personnel to obtain certification, and prepares for internal audit
Countermeasure against IT disaster Financial institute
  1. Analyzes impact on the business when a disaster strikes based on the operating base (BIA) and management strategy
  2. Creates business continuity strategy and procedure manual based on analysis, and supports training
Transparency of system operation business Financial institute
  1. Supports to create SLA with the client of IT operation business
  2. Organizes the current business contents, and clarifies the sharing roles
Training and development for system operation personnel Information service
  1. Executes training for operation personnel with our original text books, and conducts the certificate test
  2. Supports to reduce troubles caused by errors in system operation
Upgrading of system failure monitoring Information service
  1. Realizes the state of data center operation from a standpoint of business, and presents improvement strategy
  2. Supports process design, implements training of personnel, and accelerates correspondence to failures by introducing tools
Reduction of system operation costs Information service
  1. Indicates reduction of operation costs by 10% ,from management top to the sites
  2. According to the analysis of the current business, reviews the business flow, and supports the systemization
Transparency of assets of data center Financial institute
  1. Supports to manage configuration of IT assets (hardware, software) of data center
  2. Support to improve business flow to resolve nonconformity between ledgers and actual condition
Evaluation of utilized data center Financial institute
  1. Creates evaluation report related to data center utilized by the client.
  2. Uses the report to implements measure against decrepit of the data center and to evaluate adequacy of capital investment
  3. The objects to be evaluated are location, structure of the building, air conditioning system, and security, etc.

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