Business continuity BCP / DR

Support BCP Planning

For BCP planning, NRI supports the planning of business continuity plan (BCP) within the guideline of Cabinet Office and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry such as planning of disaster scenario, building of required infrastructure in times of disaster, and devising of action plan.

Steps to introduce BCP Plan

Business Continuity Site

NRI provides the backup office to accomplish the continuing business to be prioritized in times of disaster. This is located within 30 km from city center. This gives the location environment that satisfies the condition of the "Guidebook for contingency plan for financial institutions".

  • About 30km, can be access in about an hour from the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • Possible (Sotetsu line, Yokosuka) is accessible by multiple railway lines
  • Withstand strong ground away from the active fault, liquefaction, tsunami, earthquake

BCP communication tool

To smoothly alert messages and confirm of the safety at the time of disaster, NRI provides safety confirmation system.

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