Leading-edge Data Center (Tokyo #1 DC)

Tokyo #1 DC

Answer to the Changing Business

To survive the current business scene, an organization will need to acquire the "instantaneous power" responsive to rapid change. On the other hand, compliance with laws and regulations, ensure business continuity, environmental considerations, is just more things to consider. Comprehensive solution tailored to business needs of our customers, qe thought-out answer is the "first data center in Tokyo this".

Double Deck System

Double-deck system is a revolutionary method to separate the floor in two layers, one with full server equipment, other with the air conditioning and power supply facilities, including related equipment (patent pending). Double Deck System provides efficient and flexible air, physical security, and the realization of advanced earthquake-resistant structure. Suitable for high-load server era, the data center is a "New Form".

Efficient Air Base

Air conditioning to cool the whole CPU-based floor does this by using the pressure difference between the CPU and floor equipment floor, the floor cold air fed to the CPU.

Ultra-High-Load Server Ready

Ultra-high server load (30KW per rack approximately) is supported, by building an additional cooling unit under the exact unit.

Seismically Isolated Structure

Vertical vibration control damper, brace structure, base isolation structure

Earth quakes in pitch and roll, while conventional seismic isolation system had become the only measures of reduction of rolling. In the near-field earthquake can cause a large pitch is assumed. In T1DC, the latest equipment to reduce the vibration in the structure that, in addition to brace the structure and base isolation, converted to rotational energy pitching, by inertial mass damper rotation.

Expected Disaster

About the safety of the location, hazard analysis is carried out by third party rating agencies. Disaster was assumed, as well as earthquakes, floods and tsunamis, storm surges, fire, landslides, ground disaster, hurricanes, lightning, and even come with a wide variety of emergency, such as volcanic ash by the eruption.

Redundant Power and Air-Conditioning

While redundancy of power units are ensured in current data centers, we thought it just is not enough. While continuous growth in server density, in T1DC, not only to the power grid, but also air-conditioning system is the target for redundancy. Every effort has been made to ensure, even the pipes for cooling.

Green IT

Considering on global warming and the “Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Environmental Preservation” etc, in various attempts such as free cooling and solar panels, achieve a significant reduction in a typical power consumption in the data center.

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