Facility Outline

DC Security

3D Body Scanner

Man Trap Gate

Biometric System

Infrared Detectors

NRI has established data center professional team, that specializes in data center security, to monitor the security at any time. Futhermore, we introduced a state-of-the-art security technology, security system of the highest standards.

24-hour manned monitoring, 3D holographic body scanner, X-ray inspector, biometric system, and the IC card access system.

Seismic Equipment and Air-Conditioning Power

Preparation for earthquake disasters, overall redundant middle power facility, air conditioning, network, etc., and earthquake seismic isolation of data center facility, are complied with safety standards of a computer system such as financial institutions.

Electrical/Air conditioning

Electrical Substation Unit

Redundant private electric generator, UPS, the power system, redundant air conditioning system, and preferential supply agreement with power companies and oil companies.NRI survived earthquakes and rolling blackouts since the earthquake in eastern Japan, has been non-stop.

Seismic isolation/safety structure

In conformity with the security measure standard of computer systems of financial institutions etc, the architectural construction and the seismic isolation technology that will not be damaged even though Great Kanto earth quake- class hits are adopted.

Operation Room

Yokohama #1 Data Center

Operation room equipped with Strategy Booth is designed on the basis of behavioral dynamics, integrated alert monitoring system, education system for operators, boasts a top-level operational quality of the country.

Supervisor's seat, you will find a list view to monitor the operational status for all systems. In addition to confirm the status of all incidents, regarded service-requests and request for changes are monitored in real-time.

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