Leading-edge Data Center (Osaka #2 DC)

NRI built a new data center in Hokusetsu area in Osaka in order to respond to increasing demands of data centers in Kansai area and of BCP(Business Continuity Plan)/DR(Disaster Recovery) sites for wide area disaster in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The data center is “Osaka Data Center 2”. NRI is able to respond to the increasing demands of system outsourcing and cloud system services in Kansai area with the data center. NRI is also able to increase the availability of the infrastructure for NRI’s ASP and System Integration services with the data center by performing mutual backup between data centers in east and west of Japan.

Osaka Data Center 2, opened in April, 2016, has achieved reliability, security, and usability at a high level because NRI fully utilized 30 years of experiences and knowledge as a data center service provider to build the data center.

Facility Information

Hokusetsu Area in Osaka
Approx. 185m above Sea Level / 20km from the Osaka Bay
Base Isolated Structure / Facilities specifically designed for data centers
Facility Profile
Compliant with FISC(*1) and JDCC(*2) Facility Standard Tier 4 level(*3)
Disaster Measure
72-hour continuous operation by generators
3 power lines from multiple substations (primary/secondly/backup power lines)
Multiple routes/exchanges from one carrier or multiple carriers
3D holographic body scanners, access control systems, ITV severance cameras, infrared sensors, security gates, X-Ray scanners, etc.

*1 FISC: The Center for “Financial Industry Information Systems”.
*2 JDCC: Japan Data Center Council. Non-profit organization whose objective is to strengthen the foundation of the IT sector between Japan and overseas.
*3 Tier 4: A level of reliability for a data center. The levels vary from Tier 1 to Tier 4 based on “The Data Center Facility Standard”. Tier 4 is the highest.

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